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“Abya Yala” Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Within the borders of this country are a group of people who believe that the southwest is still a part Mexico. Not the traditional Mexico that you are currently familiar with, but the historical Aztec empire with its capital in TEOTIHUACAN. One such group is NAHUACALLI, Embassy of Indigenous Peoples based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Anyone doubting that there is an Aztlan movement or “reconquista” movement in this country need look no further than the recent illegal alien marches in Phoenix opposing the passing of the new law to crack down on illegal aliens in the state – and I’ll show you why in a minute.

Opportunist politicians looking for people to exploit for power and money such as Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Rep Raul Grijalva and others flocked to the rallies. Alfredo Gutierrez of La Frontera Times wrote an article entitled “Arizona Passes Apartheid Era Laws Against Immigrants”1 and spoke at the rallies. Even the Nation of Islam Phoenix chapter sent out Charles Muhmumad to represent them and pave the way for the coming of Al Sharpton so that those who make money and gain power from exploiting the black community aren’t left out in the cold during the coming fleecing of the poor. What respectable race-baiter wouldn’t want to ensure that they are in on the ground floor of gaining votes, donations or coming back later for “favors” from a community they are taking advantage of?

The question is did these politicians realize they were getting in bed with people who believe that this country should not exist? Did they realize that those involved in the rallies and marches go to the extent of calling for the destruction of this country and the “decolonization” of places like Arizona?

One of those who attended the rallies – and was ignored either deliberately or on purpose – was “community organizer” cum “Civil Rights Activist” Salvador Reza. He’s been organizing protests for years, under the guise of “open borders” and “human rights”. Which brings us back to the Aztlan movement. You see in 2001 Reza received an award from the Ford Foundation’s Leadership for Change, a far left organization that calls for “social justice” – a keyword for “End America and its sovereignty”. The award wasn’t the issue though, it’s the organizations he works with and his statements that show the truth. You see he works for Tonatierra Community Development Institute, a million dollar 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, that notes in its tax filings that it heads a group called NAHUACALLI. Reza has been on their payroll for years. In 2007, Reza was paid $33,452 in direct compensation as its coordinator and he may be receiving funds from other non-profits.

The rallies in Phoenix were organized in part by the group NAHUACALLI and a search for more information on them and TONATIERRA is eye opening. Before you read on though let me discuss a little about the Tonatierra group.

Tonatierra received grants from the US government for $191,990 in 2008, $100,000 in 2006, $28,500 in 2004 and carried a loan from the National Council of La Raza‘s La Raza Fund in the amount of $525,006. Most of their money seems to be spent on their land and building that they have and pushing for amnesty via rallies and marches and supporting illegal alien day laborers. Also interesting is that Tupac Enrique (Acosta) is the principal for the organization and that his son Po-pe Enrique is the CFO. In 2006 a “Xochitl Enrique” (I’m not sure if they are related) was given a $500 scholarship from the group. Also a “Raquel Enrique” is also noted as a board member of the group.

Tupac Enrique Acosta is worth noting more about. He is involved in way more than just Tonatierra. He sits as a “judge” with a group called the First Nations International Court of Justice2 located in Canada. That organization has handed down an indictment against the Crown in Canada. Enrique has also assumed the roles of “representative of the Tlahtokan Izkalotl to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneva, Switzerland and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York.” Tlahtokan Izkalotl is said to be a part of “a traditional council of indigenous Xicano Mexicano families from Aztlan that uphold the autonomy and sovereignty of the original nations and Pueblos” 3. He is also a self appointed “international observer” monitoring the struggles of indigenous people in south, central and north America against colonialism. His other notes of accomplishment are too numerous to name, yet they all have ties to the indigenous fight against “colonial forces” and for the Aztec nation of Aztlan and its sovereignty.

The oddest thing found in the filings – other than the nepotism and the fact the US government is giving grants to a group who wants to overthrow them – was an expenditure in 2004 of nearly $5,000 for “Pochteca : Youth empowerment and education through hands on entrepreneurship by designing culturally significant t-shirts”. Really? I’d say that is a limited market, unless of course another 10 million illegals from south of the borders are let in along with their families.

In 2003, Tonatierra received grants of $47,759 from Leadership for Change (yes, the same organization that gave Reza the award), $10,500 from the Seventh Generation Fund (of which Tupac Enrique sits on the board and they seem to receive yearly funding from), $8,700 from the Peace and Dignity-Cinco Mujeres Fund, $21,000 from the Macehualli Day Labor Coalition (Friendly House, Valle Del Sol, Chicanos Por La Causa) and $540 from the Chantlaca Youth Project.

Speaking of the Chantlaca Youth Project, in their 2002 filing they note that they work with the Nelson School District and Phoenix High School District and were putting that program into place. As an example they set up and granted $18,000 to the program. Just think, Tonatierra in the classroom!

You get the point though of what Tonatierra looks like as an organization. Now let’s get down to their ideology and agenda.

When mentioning Aztlan or reconquista those involved will claim that it is just a conspiracy theory, something that is being used by pro immigration enforcement proponents as some sort of “fear mongering” or “racist” ideal. I have even questioned it myself several years ago in my article “Is Aztlan And The Reconquista Real Or A Joke?” It is no joke and their movement is being felt in our communities, you just have to look around.

For starters the mission statement in the tax filings of Tonatierra Community Development Institute state: “To serve as a community vehicle of empowerment for indigenous peoples in pursuit of self determination on political, cultural educational and economic levels.” Note the political notation and the self determination portion which I will be revisiting later.

Reza states in the interview, upon him receiving the award from Leadership for Change4, what his reason was for moving to Phoenix after working with “immigrant advocacy groups” in California. Reza says he was “drawn to Phoenix because he is among those who consider the city the center of Aztlan, the original land of the Aztecs before they moved south to what later became Mexico.” So it is no coincidence that the headquarters of the NAHUACALLI, Embassy of Indigenous Peoples is also located in Phoenix.

At the time Reza also stated that he and Tonatierra were working “for the electoral redistricting of Phoenix in order to increase Latino political representation.” Does any American believe that they were simply working for representation for all, or could he possibly be working to put in place a radical form of representation?

For answers to that we have to delve more into who Tonatierra are and what they have been busy doing.

In October 2000, an event was held in “TEOTIHUACAN” under the Council of Indigenous Organizations and Nations of the Continent (CONIC) to form a declaration and what emerged was the Treaty of TEOTIHUACAN. The treaty was put together during 5 working groups and signed by 36 indigenous organizations. According to an interview with Tupac Enrique Acosta, the principal officer of TONATIERRA, 5 their mission was to organize all of the “indigenous people” into groups to oppose what they refer to as the “colonization”. They look to reinforce the “Original Nations of the Continent”.

The TREATY OF TEOTIHUACAN is a mutual commitment among the Indigenous Nations, Pueblos and organizations at the continental level, empowered by the Jurisprudence of Indigenous International Law

There are references to Aztlan throughout the page referring to locations by their traditional names as they see them, such as “Izkalotlan, Aztlan” as for Phoenix.

One of the 5 working groups during the treaty event was entitled “Autonomy- Lands and Territories – Sovereignty: Sovereignty and Self Determination”. Self Determination is the key word here. Self Determination means “determination by the people of a territorial unit of their own future political status”. In other words these groups do not see the United States government, nor its law enforcement at the federal, state or local level, as legitimate or having any jurisdiction.

The main declaration from the Treaty of TEOTIHUACAN
The Indigenous Peoples of the Continent Abya Yala, Itzachilatlan (Americas) hereby reaffirm our principles of Community Spirituality and the inalienable right to Self Determination as Original Peoples of the Continent.

… the so-called Latin American States and the states of the Anglo-America bloc of North America continue to negate our fundamental rights and liberties

They also delve into stating that corporations are stealing “their” natural resources with the backing of so-called “colonizing democracies” and denying them the right to self determination and violating their “human rights”.

They conclude their lists of demands by saying “We demand that the Government States recognize the Indigenous Peoples and our Rights, within their political constitutions, guaranteeing participation and protection for lands and territories, and assuring the right to determine our own destiny.” In other words the United States should acquiesce and amend our constitution to give them exclusive and sole rights to the territories they demand. We should vacate these areas and allow them self governance.

The declaration ends with this:


TONATIERRA for its part has posted on its website 6 information on marches it has organized against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now remember that this organization has called for the “restitution of our territories” in the Treaty of TEOTIHUACAN. Yet the group is using the disgusting tactic of trying to tie this to the civil rights marches of Martin Luther King Jr.

In January 2010 they posted the following, which if you didn’t know better could have been written by the National Council of La Raza. “The time has come to once again take the streets and stand up against hate!”
… the entire nation now knows of Joe Arpaio and his constant abuse of human rights. We have all succeeded in bringing to the forefront the atrocities that the 287g and ICE Access programs bring to our communities, now we must unite to stop their abuse.

It is time, just like Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement took the streets of Montgomery Alabama that at that time was the epicenter of hate; we must do the same in Phoenix. … It is also the weekend we celebrate Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement struggles of the 60’s.

Joe Arpaio and his Sheriff Deputies continue to terrorize the streets of Maricopa County and continues his physical abuse in the jails with the 287(g) agreement.

They also hold “classes” on how to rid “their” territory of colonization. One such was entitled “The Path of Quetzalcoatl: REALIZING Effective creative responses to colonization, Community Acts of Decolonization and Fulfillment of the Roots and Destiny of Humanity.”

“Community acts of decolonization” they say, yet they call Arpaio, the American people and Arizona residents Nazis. “Decolonization” sure sounds pretty National Socialist to me.

The reconquista organizations also refer to the website “Cumbre Continental De Pueblos Y Organizaciones Indigenas” 7 where it outright states their goals.

We propose to make an effort to recognize our region of North Abya Yala, with a commitment to integrity of the collective task of decolonization in the region, clarifying that the region of Yala Abya North does not recognize the division of loyalties between the Castilian-speaking indigenous and English, this being another false border of the colonization of our entire continent of Abya Yala

Haven’t heard of Abya Yala before? As opposed to Aztlan, Abya Yala includes the whole of the continent, not just a portion of the United States southwest region as Aztlan states, the whole continent of north, central and south America.

A leader named Takir Mamani of the Bolivian Aymara people argued that those for restoration of the lands to those who perceive it has been stolen need to stop using the modern location names and refer to it as Abya Yala instead. “placing foreign names on our villages, our cities, and our continents is equivalent to subjecting our identity to the will of our invaders and their heirs,” Mamani said. Abya Yala means “Continent of Life” or “land in its full maturity” according to the Panamanian Kuna language 8.

On the website they also have a mandate that they’ve put together called the “Mandate of the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of the World States”. In it they declare that states must “resolve the causes of migration between countries, taking policies of free movement of people to ensure a world without borders where there is no discrimination, marginalization and exclusion.”

They end their mandate with their final demand for the release of Leonard Peltier, who they call a political prisoner being held in the United States. Peltier was a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) who was convicted and sentenced to two life terms in 1977 for shooting to death two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. He is held up as a hero to these groups. At the time of the shootout Peltier was wanted for the attempted murder of an off-duty Milwaukee police officer. He holed up in a ranch while the FBI and tribal and local police engaged in a standoff with him. His conviction has been appealed and upheld, yet these groups still claim that he is being held as a political prisoner.

These are the groups we are dealing with in Phoenix and across this country. Thousands of groups are being funded just as Tonatierra is as documented above. There are groups just like them strewn throughout the filings of some of the biggest non-profit organizations in this country like the Center for American Progress with billions of dollars. This is what is pushing illegal immigration rallies and protests. The money, power and votes are what are pushing the politicians. And the paychecks – and extra goodies they receive – are what are pushing the activists.

The leaders of these reconquista groups are not simply against immigration law enforcement, they are against any “colonists” being on “their” land.

Missing from it is how this benefits in any way the American citizen and their rights. The true answer is that it simply doesn’t. Any politician speaking and marching with these people at these rallies – and any groups like La Raza who are financialy supporting them – are guilty of aiding sedition at the least and actively participating in it at the most.


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