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Our Future? Get ready, here They Come!

We have spoken of the influence and training coming to Mexico from the Middle East for years, and yet the border is still “WIDE OPEN”! That was during the Bush Administration and now we have the Hope and Change Crew and they are even less concerned, they sue over a States Right ( Governor’s Duty) to protect themselves, they demonize the Citizen  Militia’s effort to control the border all while holding the gate open, dereliction of duty is CRIMINAL( Article IV sec 4)!

Do you think the development of the “V.B.I.E.D.” below just happened over night?  Prayer Rugs,  Patches, Qurans and the  O.T.M. statistics are evidence enough, the only thing that surprises us is that it hasn’t happened on U.S. soil by now… Tick, Tock, TICK, TOCK!

Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and other Children of the Moon pay large amounts of  money to the Mexican Cartels for transport across the southern border, That is a verifiable fact.

Why is the border still openIs this part of the plan? Cloward and Piven, Marxism, Progressivism, De facto Democracy, etc..etc.. all aimed at the Destruction of our Constitutional Republic and Common Law!

Taken on July 15 2010. Original video by Channel 5 of Juarez. The cameramen was wounded too.

Two Mexican police officers and a paramedic died in the explosion in Juárez, Mexico’s attorney general said today.
A Ford Focus rammed two federal police vehicles about 8 p.m. Thursday in the Downtown district. The explosion occurred soon after.

Killed were a federal police officer, a city police officer and a paramedic. According to news reports, at least 16 people were wounded, including a Channel 5 cameraman.
The explosion occurred on 16 de Septiembre avenue, site of the Juárez mercado and other tourist attractions.

Officials have confirmed the explosion was done using C4 explosives and was triggered through a mobile phone.

Graffiti on a wall in Juárez stated: “What happened on 16 (de Septiembre avenue) will keep happening to all the authorities who keep supporting El Chapo (Joaquín Guzmán, the Sinaloa cartel leader). Sincerely — the Juárez cartel. We still have car bombs.”

The blast was heard and seen from afar on the U.S. side of the border.

update: 8.16.10

Soldiers of the Progressive

We are often  forced to speculate on the coming state of the Union. We must look down the road and try to envision every scenario being brought to us by the current Progressive agenda. The Political Elite, Leftists continue to destroy the middle class in this country at an alarming rate. Starting in the early 1860′s our country has been increasingly molded into it’s current state.

Colorado has been in the sites of the progressive elite for a long time and they have made great inroads in changing the Red State, Blue. We have always had Democrats, but this is a whole new breed of donkey philosophy festering in the halls of our State Capital, City Government and neighborhoods. Normally we would not consider the effeminate men and dominating women that make up the modern Progressive movement a threat until we shine the light of truth on their policy’s and actions.

It is through these policy’s that they control the heavily armed entitlement class consisting partially of  street gangs. Confirming allegiance by entitlement, most don’t even know they have been enslaved by the left, they just know better than to bite the hand that feeds them, and feed them they do!

Progressive policy’s support human trafficking and the servitude of Mexican citizens, by turning a blind eye and the use of denial they are continually increasing a potential voting block while recruiting the troops needed to fight in armed conflict if necessary. As the fabricated downturn of the economy continues to plummet there will be a noticeable increase in crime against  middle class Americans… this is inevitable.

In 1992 the city of Los Angles erupted in violence for over 3 days, leaving 52 dead and 2500 injured… who was responsible for the riot?  After being arrested and jailed during the L.A. Riots, former Obama White House Green Job Czar, Van Jones saidI met all these young radical people of color,” he recalls, ‘I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And it was, like, “This is what I need to be a part of.” I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.’

Most recently, the Chicago violence taking it’s toll on the communities of Illinois. Arizona’s recently signed legislation is causing a stir among the hundreds of thousands of illegal Aliens living, working and killing in Cities across the State. It is Progressive tactics and policies that create the condition ripe for violence while simultaneously decrying the use of right wing “tea party” violence that has yet to happen.

The key to all of  this is control, what are the triggers within the entitlement policies providing this needed control? There are many triggers within the system, denial or withholding  food stamps, refundable tax credits, even more unemployment, social security or any other “personal need stipend” provided by the Government…if they turn it on they can turn it off. The Free media has as much blood on their hands as the gang members they are protecting through misinformation and leftist propaganda. NBC, CBS, ABC and their affiliates are the most prolific in the area of captive audience propaganda. We must face the fact , if you don’t have to work and you can’t afford cable or satellite Television you are watching free T.V. and they number in the millions. Is it a coincidence that those providers are admittedly progressive in the content and opinion they air? They where able to hold up and delay the digital conversion of an entire broadcast system until they were able to get enough of the analog/digital conversion boxes into the hands of their viewers.

The use of section 8 housing entitlements, Fanny May/ Freddie Mac loans have been a great way to increase populations of entitlement users that are under full government control within the neighborhoods of middle class, “blue collar communities.” Couple this with busing and open enrollment for inner city school children to the bias of  Saul Alinsky inspired educators in our suburban public schools and you have a recipe for violence and class system warfare.

There is no worse component then the current Chicago inspired administration of Barack H. Obama, and always compliant  free media and news print as agitators. Just monitor the coverage and condemnation from these people of the Tea Party patriots and the Arizona States rights issue playing out currently. You will see the divisiveness of the POTUS and the willing media coverage supporting his position.

Arming the Welfare State has been going on for a very long time and is a key component to the future battlefield of the progressives, this is done through gun control and apathy with illegal immigration.  Border control is a great example, recent government stats show fewer people have crossed the border from Mexico but the amount of drugs and weapons has increased. Mexican drug money fuels the arming of several gangs in the U.S., the majority of  gang members in the U.S. are here illegally, not to mention the Hamas and Hezbollah extremist that have been crossing the southern border for years.

The best example of this has been here in Denver, during the summer of 2009 we had members of the Black Disciples and Rolling 60 Crips racially targeting  white people motivated by robbery and enjoyment. The worst part of it is that they didn’t tell anyone that it was happening and it went on for over four months. Mayor John Hickenlooper  has said that he didn’t even know about it until months later, throwing his own Law Enforcement under the bus… He also said he didn’t know about the Illegal Alien (Garcia-Gomez)  who had been working in an upscale restaurant he owned. Gomez was later convicted for murdering  Denver Police officer Donnie Young. John Hickenlooper is currently running for Governor of the State of Colorado.

Hickenlooper is a very popular Mayor with the Denver progressives, he is also a large donor to groups that support Illegal Immigration like El Centro Humanitario , in fact he was a founder of the Chinook foundation that is listed on the funding page at the El Centro web site along with openly socialist groups like AFSC, also connected  current Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll . Quite a little group, if you investigate their own links you will find even more disturbing results… disturbing, unless you are a communist anyway.

It is an empowering thing to have the people running our governments and law enforcement looking the other way while the gangs, anarchist, criminal illegals go about their business and business is good.  Future actions like Sheriff,  Clarence Dupnik, Pima County Arizona will result in further violence against the people he is supposed to represent. After seeing what has come our way recently,  just think of the reaction to the removal of the POTUS after his eligibility has proven been proven false.

We should be convinced that the gangs and the other previously mentioned malcontents will be the first contacts made during any civil unrest. Undoubtedly they will make up the front assault in the Progressive’s war on middle class Americans.

Stay vigilant fellow Patriots, It’s always better to get to know them before you are forced to meet them.

Copley Jr.

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