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“They just want to come and Work”

Pictures from a rally in Arizona 7/31/2010,  From Email, for Distribution,

If anyone has any doubts about what these illegals think of us and our country, check out these pictures taken by an acquaintance of mine who went to the rally in Phoenix Saturday 7/31/10 in response to SB 1070.  The illegals had written all over the AZ and US Flags, laid them on the ground, and were walking on them!

Another acquaintance had this to say:

“I shared those pics with my Best friend who is a cop/detective. I asked him why nobody was punished for desecrating our flags…his response…..

In response to your question about the legality of Desecration of the American Flag, you are correct, this is illegal. However, it is a crime with the Federal Government. Meaning the Feds will have to prosecute for the crime and considering they will not prosecute for illegal trespassing into the Country, what makes you think they will prosecute anyone for spray painting and walking on an American flag?????”

I don’t know about you people, but I’m outraged over all of this!  Judge Bolton did nothing but to empower the illegals and their bleeding heart liberal supporters!  When is enough going to be enough?!!!!!

I have permission from the person that took these pictures to pass them around.  They’re being sent to some news stations as well, although I doubt they’ll air them.  So please pass these around to all those you know, let people see how the illegals who broke our laws by coming here really feel about us!

Voter Fraud and Democracy, Really?

In our De Facto Democracy are we surprised when we hear about voter fraud from the 2008 election? This is the Election where millions of people elected Berry Obama or did they? If  you buy the argument that Dead people and Illegal Aliens don’t vote you are either part of the American Socialist 5th column or simply brain dead,.. They elected a man that cannot provide a Birth Certificate didn’t they?

This brings up the fact of how important the Election of 2010 is, not only do we need to elect people that are not career politicians but they need to have the intestinal fortitude to undo the current Constitutional crisis found in this country! THEY WILL NEED TO REVERT OVER 100 YEARS OF CRIMES AGAINST THE  CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS!! if this is not a prerequisite to office in 2010, the election will not matter… it will just prolong the further destruction of America! or the Civil War needed to save it!

If we just simply replace the Democrats with Republicans, you will have WASTED the election… Candidates must demonstrate Constitutional Values, this of course eliminates most Democrats! If the current criminals running the country are tossed they will pursue a scorched earth policy in their end days that will install the Progressive agenda firmly into the fabric of this Republic, e.g. “Health Care” or  The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy . With the majority of Americans being willfully  illiterate of the Constitution, there may be no Hope and plenty of Change in 2010.

Watch the four part documentary  “We will not be Silenced” below before it is removed,  and see how they got a Socialist Marxist Democrat Elected President of the United States!

update: 7.12.10  Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota

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