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Cheap Labor is Very Expensive

The images below are the direct result of having, open borders to the United States. You support Illegal Immigration by looking the other way when you dine out with Illegal Aliens cooking your food, mowing your grass, cleaning your house, repairing your car, washing your car, selling your children ice cream from a push cart,  slaughtering animals in garages for the Carniceria that has popped up in your neighborhood.

When you support Illegal Immigration you are sending children as young as 9 years old into prostitution and drug addiction, killing and kidnapping innocent Americans by the thousands… YOU Have Blood on Your Hands and it Does Not wash off!

Below are several photographs of an ambush perpetrated by Mexican drug cartels.The victims are members of the Federal Forces in Zitacuaro, Michuacan, Mexico.

This is what Mexican drug cartels are capable of doing to U.S. Law Enforcement, check out the impact of the rounds on the vehicles and terrain. Notice where the shooters were positioned and the lack of cover for the law enforcement officers. This is called an “emboscada” (ambush).

This incident occurred on June 14, 2010 in Michoacan.  10 Mexican Federal Agents were killed and many wounded. Is this what is coming to Southern Arizona, Texas, and California?  Remember… Agent Rosas and rancher Rob Krentz were murdered,  Deputy Purell was wounded all within the past year at the border by suspected Mexican drug cartel hitmen.

Ambush site near Tubutama Mexico, on July 1, 2010.  The aggressors of the ambush were the Del Cid DTO that controls the area and the victims were the (Sinaloa Cartel) group that was entering from the south (Santa Ana-Altar area).

Some details that these photos provide are:
The area that the ambush took place was very well planned; the ambush took place in a fatal funnel area where the assault team was shooting from an elevated position.

They took out the lead and rear car of the convoy first eliminating egress routes and cover (hills on both sides). Most of the team tried to use the space underneath their vehicle as cover. Notice the brand new tactical gear, high capacity magazines, some body armor and amount of ammunition that they were carrying.

Notice the amount of head shots taken.

Welcome to Mexico; for the time of your life. Complements of Mexican Tours de Conquistadores. We will be expanding our tours to the United States in the near future.
Gun Battle in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, July 16, 2010

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  • TMacNo Gravatar:

    Appalling barbarism just miles from our own border! And yet we run all over the world protecting everyone elses borders. AZ screams for help and Obama sues them? Really?? The right to self defense is given by God, not the government! The Feds cannot order a person to compromise their right to life. People in this country are being murdered every day by criminals who should NEVER BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!The real war is on our own borders, and We The People need to fight it, because the government won’t.

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