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Don’t Just Boycott Sanctuary Cities, Prosecute their Leadership.

Let me get this straight, Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Fransico wants to Boycott another American City  in order to protect the rights of foreign citizens, this a violation of his Oath! Article 20 Sec.3 of the California Constitution and a violation of the U.S. Constitution in many areas, in particular Article 4 Sec.4. Are we really surprised?.. coming from morally, ethically and financially bankrupt California!.. very few if any politicians honor their Oath, they should all be brought up on charges of sedition and treason. Ask the Bologna Family among the countless others if they think Mayor Newsom is honoring his Oath.

Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper has supported a Sanctuary policy (executive Order No. 116) that has been in place from the Web Administration and the Progressive Denver voters have kept it that way, This little man does not have the proverbial balls of Jan Brewer. Patriots in Arizona have every right to be proud of themselves for electing a Woman like Governor Brewer.  Now the entire Denver public school system (ranked 110th of 122) is using Coloradan’s money to promote a Boycott against Arizona, maybe they should keep the students in class so they can learn English… don’t they know it’s easier to take American Jobs if you speak English.

The Governor of Arizona has made a decision to honor her Oath and for that alone she is to be commended! It is a rare thing considering she is surrounded by corrupt and pandering politician at the local and national level.

Keep an eye on Arizona, the Sheriff deputies, Police officers and Border Patrol agents are under unbelievable stress to do what they have taken an Oath to do and what some of their administrations demand of them, they will not ask for help but they may need it anyway… Be ready to deploy!

FIGHT THE BOYCOTT, buy Arizonan.. be careful,  some of them still give American Jobs to Illegal Aliens… for now!  At a minimum only support businesses that use E-Verify, here is a list of businesses that use E-Verify in Arizona.

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