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“Militia” is not a dirty word, It’s A Duty!

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. “Notice the commas?”

We are hearing more and more about “Anti-Government” groups these days, as we did during the Clinton era and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Among these   groups are, Patriot, Oath Keepers, Tea Party, Constitutional, Anti Illegal Immigration, States Rights, Armed Rights, Anti Abortion, Christian, Veterans and Militias just to name a few, as mentioned in the DHS report.

If you are NOT a radical Che Guevara,  Black liberation, LaRaza racist you must be a dangerous right wing extremist… according to the 5th column media and current Progressive / Marxist government movement…  How long has it been since you have heard anything about the Islamic training camps or Aztlan movements conducting their business in the United States?

The most recent decrying of radical right wing extremism has been leveled at the “Guardians of the Free Republics” and the “letter” they have sent to the Governors of all 50 States.  Read the Warrant . As you read this “letter” you will discover that it is actually a Constitutional “Warrant”… not just a “letter”.  Using the word “letter” makes it common , carefully chosen wordsmithing by the media is just another tactic to lessen the importance or disqualify the sender as a nut job, radical or whatever. What they don’t understand is, the constant exposure to their craft has given more and more of us the ability to read between the lines where they hide the truth… if they include it at all!

This reminds me of a recent conversation on a local radio show, “Caplis and Silverman”.  Host Craig Silverman and guest host Jessica Corry… Both lawyers, had a lighthearted exchange about how the Constitutional section of their law education was the shortest part. This is because law schools are not focused on the Constitution, they are focused on “Case Law” decided by people like Justice Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Breyer of the U.S. Supreme court…  citing foreign law as an influence on the decisions they apply to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Could this be why most Americans, lawyers, politicians and scholars do not understand the language in the “Warrant” by the Guardians? Or do they and don’t support it.

Delivering Bricks for Terrence Carroll in the Colorado House well.

Most people and the politicians they elect do not understand arrest powers, common law or People’s Rights vs Citizen’s Rights in general are due to lack of honest historical education in our schools. To them this “Warrant” seems foreign, what is up is now down and down is now up.  Recent remarks about the “Warrant” by Baptist Minister, Lawyer, Illegal Immigration supporter and  Colorado Speaker of The House Terrance Carroll indicate he doesn’t have the capacity to understand, according to his own words… he is the one that must be imbalanced!

Some of the Bricks delivered to Rep. Terrence Carroll 2006

Honestly some of the most sincere, competent and well balanced people I have ever meet are the people involved in the Patriot movements, it’s definitely not most of the politicians I have meet. In fact you would be hard pressed to understand the Constitutions and remain a modern Democrat or Republican, the more you learn about the Constitutions the more apparent the corruption is.

“A Well Regulated Militia” the word most keyed on “Regulated”. From Federalist Number 29; It requires no skill in the science of war to discern that uniformity in the organization and discipline of the militia would be attended with the most beneficial effects, whenever they were called into service for the public defense.

Within the context of this description you could use the word “Trained” in place of “Regulated”.  Some people are not suited for the rigorous training involved in belonging to a “Well Trained Militia” for them there are other areas of civic duty they must participate in, apathy is no excuse. In the end we must conclude that participation or supporting a local Militia is a civic duty, we cannot enjoy the freedoms given to us by the Founders and the Fallen without defending them from the people who are bent on destroying them… We are Bound… “Americans are the Militia.” or they are traitors.

Just think if an active Militia would have been present to guard the rights of the people against Black Panther intimidation at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008, I can guaranty it would have turned out differently, a Militia’s sole purpose is to protect the God given sacred rights of the people against Tyranny, if you give that up you will be enslaved.

To learn more about the intent of our Forefathers and the word “Militia” you can read it from the Federalist Papers for yourself, all you need to use is a little common sense to understand it.

Isn’t “Anti Government” a good thing if the Government is corrupt?

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