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Road to Hell

Subversion of our divine Republic

Here we go , the Nation is crumbling under our economic feet and Congress is passing government controlled health care… We should ask why they are going against the constituents that put them in office knowing they will be thrown out, don’t they care? Hell no they don’t, they are sacrificing themselves for the good of the movement comrade.

Progressives are like Illegal Aliens,. They can’t build a Nation , City or Town on their own…every past attempt has failed. They just Trojan in and start rotting something from within until it can’t support the weight of entitlements.

It’s all about the progressive agenda, wealth distribution and collapsing the Republic to raise a socialist Democracy from the ashes. That’s it, they have been working on this since the 1890’s and now is the time to pull the trigger!

It doesn’t end with health care either, it’s just a test run. They are going to be shoving many more large socialist programs on us before November.

  • An endless supply of Green initiatives
  • Foreign treaties, etc., etc.

All by circumventing the States and the U.S. Constitution… With the blessing of 30 to 40 % of the people, mostly ignorant, some with malicious intent.

Barry Obama and the filth he surrounds himself with are working tirelessly, they know you can’t have a socialist regime with a vibrant middle class. If deemed useful some will eagerly join the elite but the majority will be crushed and forced into abject poverty.

If you think these people are just misguided, have good intentions or they just want to take care of the 32 million people without health care… you are either profoundly ignorant, apathetic or you support it! At least the ignorant and apathetic can be taught or energized… there is no hope for the seditious people of change that support it.

It will be interesting to see how much more the American people are willing to take!

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