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Archive for July, 2012

July 2012 Freedom Index

It is all about the party, not the nation, not sovereignty, not freedom for and of the people, just about the party and a corrupt two party system.  A system supported by the ignorance of a none informed citizenry.
So here is a question for the RNC house of RINO’s. Why haven’t one of these people been approached and chosen to run for the office
of president?
Three Senators — Mike Crapo and Jim Risch of Idaho, and John Cornyn of Texas — earned 100 percent,
“but no one in the House did.”
So what do you suppose happened to those “conservative” hero’s in the house that everybody has been throwing praise upon?  You know, those who signed on to the NDA Act, those who signed on the the Free Speech Zones, just to name a couple of bills that couldn’t pass muster of the Bill of Rights, especially the Patriot Act.  They are all a bunch of political whores, it’s all about the perks and the money, and of course, Power.
Keep on drinking the Kool Aid people, you deserve every ounce of it.

Those great Americans from what was once the sovereign state of Colorado.

  1. DeGette (D ) 30% – - – + – - + – - + 17%  “Not surprised, being a socialist democrat”.
  2. Polis (D ) 30% – + – - – - + – - + 17%  “Again, not being surprised, a socialist democrat”.
  3. Tipton (R ) 80% + + + – + + – + + + 83%  “A RINO trying to wear a conservatives clothing. Trying, but not hard enough. Why not try for 100%”?
  4. Gardner (R ) 70% + + + – + + – + + – 76%  “Another RINO”.
  5. Lamborn (R ) 70% + + + – + + – + + – 77%   “And another RINO”.
  6. Coffman (R ) 70% + + + – + + – + + – 73%   “And another Rino(?) of whom Colorado should be extremely dismayed with.  I would expect a 100%”!
  7. Perlmutter (D ) 20% – - – - – - + – - + 23%   “And Again, not being surprised, a socialist democrat”.


Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution.

This voting index is currently published twice a year in The New American magazine. Each index scores all 535 members of Congress on 10 key votes on a scale of 0% to 100%. The more the Representatives and Senators adhere to the Constitution in their votes, the higher their scores on this index. “DOWNLOAD a copy Here”

The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution” rates Congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government,
fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.

To learn how any Representative or Senator voted on the key measures described herein, look him or her up in the vote charts. The scores are derived by dividing a Congressman’s constitutional votes (pluses) by the total number he cast (pluses and minuses) and multiplying by 100. The average House score for this index (votes 21-30) is 47
percent, and the average Senate score is 43 percent.

This is our third index for the 112th Congress. Our first index (votes 1-10) appeared in our August 8, 2011 issue, and our second index (votes 11-20) appeared in our January 9, 2012 issue.

We encourage readers to examine how their own Congressmen voted on each of the 10 key measures, as well as overall. We also encourage readers to commend legislators for their constitutional votes and to urge improvement where needed.

To contact your own Representative and Senators about key issues, go to, click on “Act Now,” then click on “Fed. Legis.
Action Alerts.”

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