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Archive for August, 2010

Our Future? Get ready, here They Come!

We have spoken of the influence and training coming to Mexico from the Middle East for years, and yet the border is still “WIDE OPEN”! That was during the Bush Administration and now we have the Hope and Change Crew and they are even less concerned, they sue over a States Right ( Governor’s Duty) to protect themselves, they demonize the Citizen  Militia’s effort to control the border all while holding the gate open, dereliction of duty is CRIMINAL( Article IV sec 4)!

Do you think the development of the “V.B.I.E.D.” below just happened over night?  Prayer Rugs,  Patches, Qurans and the  O.T.M. statistics are evidence enough, the only thing that surprises us is that it hasn’t happened on U.S. soil by now… Tick, Tock, TICK, TOCK!

Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and other Children of the Moon pay large amounts of  money to the Mexican Cartels for transport across the southern border, That is a verifiable fact.

Why is the border still openIs this part of the plan? Cloward and Piven, Marxism, Progressivism, De facto Democracy, etc..etc.. all aimed at the Destruction of our Constitutional Republic and Common Law!

Taken on July 15 2010. Original video by Channel 5 of Juarez. The cameramen was wounded too.

Two Mexican police officers and a paramedic died in the explosion in Juárez, Mexico’s attorney general said today.
A Ford Focus rammed two federal police vehicles about 8 p.m. Thursday in the Downtown district. The explosion occurred soon after.

Killed were a federal police officer, a city police officer and a paramedic. According to news reports, at least 16 people were wounded, including a Channel 5 cameraman.
The explosion occurred on 16 de Septiembre avenue, site of the Juárez mercado and other tourist attractions.

Officials have confirmed the explosion was done using C4 explosives and was triggered through a mobile phone.

Graffiti on a wall in Juárez stated: “What happened on 16 (de Septiembre avenue) will keep happening to all the authorities who keep supporting El Chapo (Joaquín Guzmán, the Sinaloa cartel leader). Sincerely — the Juárez cartel. We still have car bombs.”

The blast was heard and seen from afar on the U.S. side of the border.

update: 8.16.10

“They just want to come and Work”

Pictures from a rally in Arizona 7/31/2010,  From Email, for Distribution,

If anyone has any doubts about what these illegals think of us and our country, check out these pictures taken by an acquaintance of mine who went to the rally in Phoenix Saturday 7/31/10 in response to SB 1070.  The illegals had written all over the AZ and US Flags, laid them on the ground, and were walking on them!

Another acquaintance had this to say:

“I shared those pics with my Best friend who is a cop/detective. I asked him why nobody was punished for desecrating our flags…his response…..

In response to your question about the legality of Desecration of the American Flag, you are correct, this is illegal. However, it is a crime with the Federal Government. Meaning the Feds will have to prosecute for the crime and considering they will not prosecute for illegal trespassing into the Country, what makes you think they will prosecute anyone for spray painting and walking on an American flag?????”

I don’t know about you people, but I’m outraged over all of this!  Judge Bolton did nothing but to empower the illegals and their bleeding heart liberal supporters!  When is enough going to be enough?!!!!!

I have permission from the person that took these pictures to pass them around.  They’re being sent to some news stations as well, although I doubt they’ll air them.  So please pass these around to all those you know, let people see how the illegals who broke our laws by coming here really feel about us!

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