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Tancredo for Governor of Colorado 2010

“Welcome a Statesman, NOT a Politician.”

Today is a great day for the people of Colorado as we, the American Constitution Party, Colorado’s affiliate of the Constitution Party, the nation’s largest third party, welcome a good friend and great conservative to our ranks.  Congressman Tom Tancredo has found a home in our organization and joins with the likes of other political luminaries whose parties have abandoned the principles on which this great nation was founded.  In the American Constitution Party, Congressman Tancredo has a base from which to provide support for his American ethic and the encouragement to bring those ideals to the political arena.  He gives to Colorado voters a real choice to return to the founding principles that allowed our nation to become the greatest engine for freedom and prosperity the world has ever seen.  We are pleased to have Tom Tancredo run for the office of governor on our ticket.  For several years, as our party has grown, we have supported Tom’s consistent conservative position and votes in Congress.  We believe Tom is the right choice for the office of Governor and we believe that he will bring this state, the great and beautiful State of Colorado back around with conservative solutions to the problems facing us and which were brought on by many years of neglectful and careless leadership by both of the major parties, who have squandered a legacy of justice and liberty.Yes, Mr. Tancredo is very outspoken.  He says what is on his mind, but he is truthful, honest and courageous.  The voters of Colorado can determine the direction of Colorado’s future, not only by their support of initiatives on the ballot, including taxation and person hood, but also by electing a Governor who will take affirmative steps toward liberty and refuse the status quo that has lead to economic and political stagnation.  Coloradans, you have it within your power to set a new course for our state  support Tom Tancredo for Governor.

Amanda Campbell, Candidate for Secretary of State of Colorado, American Constitution Party


The looming criticism about Tom is that “He is a one issue politician”, this is because the People that leveled this critique are unable to see past one issue… Progressiveness. You do not have to look  far to find that Illegal Immigration is at the root of all issues most Americans claim to be concerned about, Economy, Security, Health, etc.

Although immigration remains his signature issue, Tancredo is a solid fiscal and social conservative, with a lifetime 99% voting rating from the American Conservative Union. In addition to immigration, Tancredo is particularly vocal on the dangers posed by Radical Islam and what he calls “The Cult of Multiculturalism.”

source: Tancredo For Governor

The 5th column leader in this regard is columnist Mike (Litwit) Litwinn,  of the failing Denver Post. Much like the rest of the bankrupt grey ladies around the country these self titled “mainstream” news organizations and news papers are quickly moving to the Pravda style of progressive news reporting and commentary of the Iron Curtain days, at the very least when they receive their government funded bailouts soon, they will have finally been paid for their leftist loyalism! Anyone still listening to these people deserve the misinformation they get.

The State of Colorado has been run by Progressive Democrats for a very long time and the destruction to our Freedom and Personal  liberties are self evident… If you are firing on more than one brain cell anyway.

Remember the special session that produced the so called “Toughest Illegal Immigration laws in the Nation” under Andrew Romanoff ? how’s that working? really put a dent in Colorado Illegal Immigration didn’t it? Andrew Romanoff presided over  a dog and pony show installing watered down Republican ideas and Bill Owens signed off. The fact is several law makers where putting a ballot measure together that had wide voter support, it would have made the Arizona’s SB1070 look like a walk in the park and I am talking about the kind of parks Americans are allowed to still go into without fear of being killed by Mexican Cartel.

The problems with the State Republican party are vast, dating back well before the last race for Governor and the locking out of the Marc Holtzmen supporters at the State convention thus allowing the Republican Elite and former Republican Chair; Bob Martinez to pick RINO, Bob Beauprez.

Beauprez didn’t get 6 out of 100 votes in the caucus I attended, I couldn’t vote as a Independent or it would have been even less, but the next thing you know he is the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

By installing a weak candidate and eliminating the Conservative vote they guaranteed a victory for Bill (Ag trespass)  Ritter and that hasn’t gone well has it?  The Colorado GOP has been pursuing the second wing position of the Colorado Democrat party for years. Coloradan’s now have the opportunity to put in a Governor who will put Country and State before Party. Tom Tancredo has been taking on the establishment Republicans and Democrats for years and now as a Constitution Party Candidate he will continue to fight for Constitutional values and the Sovereignty of Colorado!

On the other hand, John Hickenlooper will continue  following Wellington Webb’s (Sanctuary 116)  lead,  just a couple of many examples, the new Anchor Baby birthing center at Denver Health and Stimulus money for Illegal Aliens facing Foreclosure. Hickenlooper, the closet Alinsky militant will bring a whole new never before seen level of Progressiveness and De-facto Amnesty to Colorado, selling it with the same sugary sweet middle of the road flavor used by Berry Obama to snare the politically ignorant  in 2008.

For those who voted for Bob Beauprez or John McCain because they didn’t want to throw away their vote on a third party? Voting for the lessor of two evils? If we do not stand up and  fight right NOW to restore  Constitutional values to this Republic, some of us will be fighting for them in the streets Later. All said, I would rather stand with an honorable third party that garners 2 to 4% of the vote and the III percent willing to fight to the end to protect the Constitution than to vote for Less Evil.

Compare the platforms, where do you stand? * American Constitution * RepublicanDemocrat * The Choice is clear.

R. Copley Jr.,  Sovereignty Colorado


Bill and Jan Herron have been fighting against Illegal Immigration for a very long time and have both been a personal source of inspiration and knowledge in this fight from the beginning, Important read below.

For the last two decades, my husband and I, Dr. William G. Herron have fought the issue of illegal immigration. We founded CAIR (Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform) and DCN (Defend Colorado Now) to make Colorado citizens aware of the dangers of illegal immigration.  We left our two homes in California, one in Malibu and one in Manhattan Beach. Those neighborhoods are  no longer safe.  We spent two years traveling throughout the United States looking for a place to relocate.  We chose Colorado and little did we know the illegal alien invasion was taking place in this state as well.  My story is personal and tragic and I will not allow anyone to trash Tom Tancredo or disavow the seriousness of the illegal alien invasion.  Tom Tancredo and my husband, William, have done more for the issue of illegal immigration for those of us who have lost loved ones than any politician or candidate running for office.  My husband fought the Colorado legislature, Bill Owens and other conservatives in trying to pass legislation.  No one except a few good men stood by their side i.e. Dave Schultheis, Doug Lamborn, Kent Lamborn to name a few. We also attended a State Party Republican dinner where we asked state legislators, their wives and members of the party to help us with the issue and were asking for signatures.  Very few State Representatives were willing to sign the petition. We have their names. The rank and file signed immediately.  Like Tom Tancredo, I place my country before party.  My husband has undergone 21 surgeries in the last 10 years – the last event of his illness took place at St. Anthony’s Central Hospital where he waited many hours to get medical attention. The ER was filled with illegal aliens. My husband, a Korean War Veteran waited in the hall on a gurney to seek medical attention.  He was given a prescription he was allergic to and reacted.  Because of the length of time for him to be seen by an ER doctor, the medication blew out his central nervous system.  His nerve endings were damaged and he couldn’t get clothes on. He lost his sense of taste and smell. Anyway, the story continues and is lengthy. Bill fought for his country, is this the way to treat a veteran, who put his life on line for our country and then wait in the hall on a gurney as illegal aliens get medical attention before him. Bill and I lobbied McInnis in Washington and he was a disappointment on the issue of illegal immigration.  I spoke with Maes and he doesn’t get it either.  Perhaps now you see why the issue is #1 for me.  I live the nightmare every day of my life.

Thanks for the suggestion from Rob Timmons to run for Lt. Governor. I am a much better activist that I would be a Lt. Governor.  I am the voice for the voiceless and will not be silenced.  Too bad about the Colorado GOP – they never seem to appreciate good conservatives. I left the party and recently returned. Looks like we’re leaving again. The nasty treatment Bill and I have received from long time Republican friends,  is sad and disturbing. Guess they weren’t our friends to begin with. Tom Tancredo has my vote, now do see why?

With our sovereignty on the line, I pray Colorado voters awaken to make an intelligent choice for our next Governor.

Wake up America! Sleeping Beauty wins the prince, but doesn’t save the state of Colorado. Open your eyes to the real and ever-present dangers that are lurking at Colorado’s doorsteps. The knock at your door won’t be the Avon Lady.

For the Colorado Cause,
Jan Herron

Cheap Labor is Very Expensive

The images below are the direct result of having, open borders to the United States. You support Illegal Immigration by looking the other way when you dine out with Illegal Aliens cooking your food, mowing your grass, cleaning your house, repairing your car, washing your car, selling your children ice cream from a push cart,  slaughtering animals in garages for the Carniceria that has popped up in your neighborhood.

When you support Illegal Immigration you are sending children as young as 9 years old into prostitution and drug addiction, killing and kidnapping innocent Americans by the thousands… YOU Have Blood on Your Hands and it Does Not wash off!

Below are several photographs of an ambush perpetrated by Mexican drug cartels.The victims are members of the Federal Forces in Zitacuaro, Michuacan, Mexico.

This is what Mexican drug cartels are capable of doing to U.S. Law Enforcement, check out the impact of the rounds on the vehicles and terrain. Notice where the shooters were positioned and the lack of cover for the law enforcement officers. This is called an “emboscada” (ambush).

This incident occurred on June 14, 2010 in Michoacan.  10 Mexican Federal Agents were killed and many wounded. Is this what is coming to Southern Arizona, Texas, and California?  Remember… Agent Rosas and rancher Rob Krentz were murdered,  Deputy Purell was wounded all within the past year at the border by suspected Mexican drug cartel hitmen.

Ambush site near Tubutama Mexico, on July 1, 2010.  The aggressors of the ambush were the Del Cid DTO that controls the area and the victims were the (Sinaloa Cartel) group that was entering from the south (Santa Ana-Altar area).

Some details that these photos provide are:
The area that the ambush took place was very well planned; the ambush took place in a fatal funnel area where the assault team was shooting from an elevated position.

They took out the lead and rear car of the convoy first eliminating egress routes and cover (hills on both sides). Most of the team tried to use the space underneath their vehicle as cover. Notice the brand new tactical gear, high capacity magazines, some body armor and amount of ammunition that they were carrying.

Notice the amount of head shots taken.

Welcome to Mexico; for the time of your life. Complements of Mexican Tours de Conquistadores. We will be expanding our tours to the United States in the near future.
Gun Battle in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, July 16, 2010
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