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Christian Children in Indonesia

Christian Children in Indonesia

SLAUGHTERED FOR WALKING TO SCHOOL – One of three beheaded Indonesian schoolgirls decapitated by hooded Muslim terrorists. Two of the girls’ heads were found in a field while the third girl’s head was found in front of a church. Their crime? Being Christian.

2 Responses to “Christian Children in Indonesia”

  • you are right tim. ALLAH does not order moslims in the quran or any sunna to kill any people except who deserve. i am a moslim and i learn that we should love each other and all people are equal as ALLAH is merciful to his creatures more than a mother to her child. these so-called moslims are not true moslims if they have done such a thing. true moslims never try to, even, hurt a fly because ALLAH doesn’t like such a thing. ISLAM doesn’t teach us to hate people of other religions but if we can,  just convince them bout islam. but we shouldn’t hurt them if they dont want to convert.  ISLAM teaches us good manners and not murder or crimes. we are not supposed to torture anybody or anything, be it a mosquito. if you read about ISLAM you will know the true values of this religion and will be able to judge which religion is the best and which religion teaches the best.

  • TimNo Gravatar:

    This sort of stuff makes me sick to my stomach. I live in America and am also a christian. I know this sort of thing happens to people all of the time. But to have a Muslim that is afraid to show his face, MURDER  three girls for being CHRISTIAN, is just an outrage. I would never worship a GOD that made me hate another based on how they worshiped. Have nothing to do with, maybe. But never MURDER. These guys didn’t just kill them for being a christian they MURDED them. If in fact Alah (sorry if I got the name spelled wrong) did tell them to MURDER these girls, I would rather burn in HELL then to worship a god such as him. But I think, that like in CHRISTIAN circles, the MUSLIMS that did this were acting on what they thought their god wanted them to do,  based on what someone else had told them was right. I do not think for a second that Alah told them to do this I just think that they thought he did.

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