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ALL of the net jobs gains in the U.S. since 2000 have gone to immigrants

Mexican law enforcement officials watch on the Mexican side of the international border while Boston Archdiocese Cardinal Sean O'Malley leads mass, Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Nogales, Ariz. O'Malley and several Bishops who serve along the U.S./Mexico were visiting the border town to bring awareness to immigration reform and to remember those who have died trying to cross the border in years past. (AP Photo/Matt York)

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times, Friday, June 27, 2014

Since 2000, all of the net jobs added by the U.S. economy have gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to a report being released Friday by the Center for Immigration Studies that challenges prevailing wisdom that the country needs an influx of workers.

Nearly 6 million more people are working in the U.S. now than in 2000, but the number of native-born Americans holding jobs has declined slightly, from 114.8 million to 114.7 million, according to census figures crunched by CIS. Instead, all of that job growth — a total of 5.7 million — has gone to immigrants.

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Some of the native-born are unemployed, but a huge number have been chased from the workforce altogether, in part because of competition from immigrants, said Steven A. Camarota, research director for CIS and lead author of the report.

“Some may think that immigrants and natives never compete for jobs. But a majority of workers in virtually every occupation are native-born. Immigrants have made gains across the labor market in lower-, middle- and higher-skilled jobs. Thus the idea that there are jobs Americans don’t do is simply not supported by the data,” Mr. Camarota and co-author Karen Zeigler wrote.

The study is being released as business leaders step up their push for Congress to pass an immigration reform bill this year, saying the country could use the workers.

In an op-ed published last week in The Wall Street Journal, media magnate Rupert Murdoch said passing an immigration bill could “revitalize our economy.”

Earlier this month,, founded by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, began an ad campaign to try to push congressional Republicans to action.

While most of the focus of the debate is on legalizing the estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., the bill that passed the Senate a year ago would have increased legal workers. Combined, they would add 9.6 million people to the country — most of them eligible workers.

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The Congressional Budget Office said that overall, the bill would boost the economy by 3.3 percent in 10 years and by more than 5 percent 20 years from now. However, average wages would drop slightly in the first decade as workers compete for limited jobs. Wages would recover, however, the CBO said.

Action on that immigration bill has halted as the surge of children crossing the southwestern border has exposed problems with the immigration system and with border security.

On Thursday, a bipartisan group of senators demanded that President Obama personally get involved and make it clear that the new arrivals will be sent home quickly.

“The present situation begs your personal efforts to clarify U.S. immigration laws and to spur action from leaders of the primary sending countries,” the 40 senators said in a letter, led by Sens. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat.

Even as Republicans say the surge of children has killed chances for an immigration bill this year, some Democrats counter that passing a bill would help stem the tide by making a clear public statement about who is eligible for legal status and who isn’t.

Most of the children who have crossed the border say they are hoping to get “permisos,” or free passes, to gain entry into the country.

The administration says that stems from a misunderstanding of the immigration bill or of Mr. Obama’s nondeportation policies, but the immigrants appear to be referring instead to the fact that the immigration system is so overwhelmed that it takes years for people to be deported.  Continue…

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Who’s fooling Who?


Sometimes the truth is ugly and not what you have been taught… Especially when your talking about Communist!

Nelson Mandela. The name resonates around the world and people see a black man, walking out of the gates of Robben Island Prison in South Africa after serving  18 out of his 27 years prison term.  He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but then so was Barack Hussein Obama who up to the time he received his prize, had done absolutely less than nothing to earn it. That prize has long since lost its’ value and meaning as it has become yet another left wing Progressive political tool.

Let me take you on a short trip back in time, from a man who was born and lived in Africa, and saw the results of the ANC work, as well as other Marxist/Communist terrorist groups like ZANU, ZAPU, SWAPO etc from the 70′s.

ThreeGollyWogsSouth Africa at the time had a policy of seperate development. They put a name to it, Apartheid, a word so synonomous with evil due to the propaganda of the left leaning national and international media.  I am NOT saying that  racism is good, it is not, but what was happening in South Africa happened in every country world wide.  America (segragation, the Native Americans), Africa (tribalism), India (caste system), Australia where Aboriginies were hunted as game, England where open racism was constantly in play, including toys that kids played with like “Golly Wogs” (look them up), Sweden where although they were one of the loudest voices against racism were abjectly racist towards anyone of color who they came across in their country, etc.

Mandela was born to a Xhosa Chief, and was therefore a Prince in the eyes of the tribe. As he grew up he obtained a law degree and  the attention of a white professor, Joe Slovo, a hard core communist. This communist professor was a Lithuanian, a Colonel in the Russian KGB and would influence Mandela through out his years.

Mandela joined the ANC, a Communist Terrorist group, and rapidly rose up in the ranks becoming a Commander in the military wing.

After three years  ten members of MK, the military wing of the ANC, were arrested with more than  200,000 hand grenades and nearly 50,000 land mines, 107 plans to blow up specific buildings and more than 50 tons of high explosives. Found also was a box of  propaganda fliers naming Nelson Mandela  the leader, complete with a 94 page essay written in Madela’s own hand.  The subject title was ”How to be a good Communist.” Mandela, and eight of the ten originally arrested, were found guilty of high crimes and sentenced to life in prison, and many thought he should have been hanged.

ANCWhile in prison Mandela continued leading and planning attacks and his intent was to create a communist government in South Africa.  He wanted to achieve his aims with violence against the whites.  Those blacks that were looking for change through peace were summararily necklaced (the practice of tying the victim with barbed wire and  putting gas soaked tires around the shoulders and arms of the victim and setting them alight.) I saw this in practice several times and death is slow and extremely painful, but made the ANC point quickly.

Due to pressure from left wing international media and also extremely progressive policies world wide, the apartheid state of South Africa had massive economic sanctions placed on it, causing huge unemployment and pain, mainly hitting the black population where unemployment was at over 50% as International Companies were forced to close and leave the country.

International media touted Mandela as a “Freedom Fighter” (a progressive Socialist word for terrorist), he was even compared with George Washington and Abe Lincoln and worse of all, to Martin Luther King, who was a man of real wisdom, peace and God. Those two were as different to each other as tea and coffee.

Mandela started promoting a new policy, that of Liberation before Education.  This promoted the use of roving gangs of black youths to burn down their schools, attack, rape, maim, torture and kill farmers.  Over 3000 farmers out of the 40, 000 commercial farmers died during this campaign, all in great pain and in very uncivilized manners.

The world did not see this as genocide as they were too concerned with political correctness and did not want to upset the left wing African terrorists and so called leaders.

KissingerMandelaIn 1984 Henry Kissinger and the US backed Mandela financially and he became president along with Joe Slovo who at that time was chairman of the Africa Communist Party.  There were now 16 communist members in the South African Government.

In short, Nelson Mandela was a communist, a terrorist and I believe an evil man, one who has been made an angel by the left wing main stream media and the equally left wing world politicians and the United Nations.  The propaganda displayed for him has been open and to me disturbing as so many have no real idea who the real Nelson Mandela was.

In my mind, the world has lost another communist, one responsible for many deaths of innocent men, women and children through his acts and the acts he inspired.

Another point that strikes me strongly is how rich these people become.  They have amassed massive wealth.  Look at Robert Mugabe, the Marxist leader in neighboring Zimbabwe who rules with a rod of iron as do all dictators. They are both extremely rich, they also have and are living into their 90′s where as the people they rule over or so called represent have a life expectancy of less than half that and live in abject poverty.

Just my opinion America…Fred Brownbill.

Nelson Mandela, 1918 to 2013. A Good man or an Evil Man, you decide…By Fred Brownbill.


About Fred Brownbill

Fred Brownbill was born and raised in Rhodesia in 1955 before moving to South Africa in 1970 where he continued his education graduating from Christian Brothers College in 1973. He then returned to Rhodesia and fought on active service attached to a special anti-terrorist unit for seven years in that Country’s terrorist war before taking the very good advice of others and leaving when Independence was announced and a Marxist Government under Robert Mugabe took over. Fred was Stateless and very unsettled and from 1980 travelled around much of the world on motorcycles while maintaining a residence in England for 14 years. He managed the largest motorcycle retail company in Europe during this period, and continued his travels as often as possible. Fred has raced motorcycles both as a drag racer and road racer, competing in Southern Africa and England . He immigrated to the United States in October of 1994, becoming a proud and legal U.S. citizen in 2003. Today, Fred works as a Deputy Sheriff in Florida. He is the President of the Save America Foundation. He is also a member of Oath Keepers and various other local and national Conservative Patriotic groups. He is active as a public speaker at different groups and locations. He has been interviewed on various different national radio and live internet radio and TV programs. His writings are published in many places and read and followed by tens of thousands of people in the States and abroad, and his message of freedom and liberty is an International message that gives hope to all those seeking freedom. He is married to Marty, an advisor to the Board of the SAF, and they have 2 daughters, one in California and the other in Florida. Both he and Marty are still each riding motorcycles, doing thousands of miles a year, and take as many trips both in the States and abroad when they can.

The  “Save America Foundation”





The Genocide the World don’t want you to know about…




white women raped and murdered sa  old mans head cut open with machete south africa

old women tortured on farms south africa  white baby burnt

white girl hi jacked raped stabbed  white child murdered on farm  

white women raped and murdered sa

And the fairy tail Continues with the worlds blessing…

Carter Bill Clinton W_Bush Obama

Obama, Bush, Clinton Fly to South Africa to Honor Mandela


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama left for Johannesburg, South Africa, Monday morning to attend a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, the freedom fighter and first black president of South Africa, who died Thursday.

The Obamas were joined on Air Force One by former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to a White House pool report. Former President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter were not on the jet, but are expected to attend the service for Mandela. FULL STORY

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